5 Reasons to Install Insulating Blinds

Insulating Blinds

Did you know the United Stated Department of Energy considers proper window shades as the most simple and effective way to save energy? It’s easy to dismiss blinds as an insignificant part of a home’s décor, but after considering the following tips, you’ll see just how important these items can be. Insulating blinds, specifically, offer a range of benefits for homeowners.

5 Reasons to Install Insulating Blinds

1). Saves money on your electric bill: Insulating blinds block solar energy from entering your home. This naturally cools the living space and will allow you to run the air conditioner less or on lower levels. This will quickly save money on your electric bill.

2). Fosters a green/sustainable lifestyle: Using blinds to heat and cool your home is a natural, free, green way to live. This energy-efficient method eliminates or limits the need for central air. Simply by raising or lowering your blinds, you can control the heat and solar energy that enters your home.

3). Supports your home’s modern decor: Not only will insulating blinds save you money and energy, but they also have a funky, contemporary look. These types of blinds come in a range of colors and styles and offer your home a unique, modern feel.

4). Provides flexibility: A number of homeowners are also installing insulating blinds on the exterior of their homes. This not only offers a trendy, fun addition to the outer décor, but it also could potentially save more energy than installing them on the inside. Installing blinds on the outside of your home blocks solar energy and heat before it even enters your home which could lead to greater savings on energy costs.

5). Offers gentle light: Traditional blinds either block almost all light or no light at all. In contrast, insulating blinds allow gentle light to flow through your home while simultaneously saving you money and energy. There’s no better light than natural light, and insulating blinds allows you to utilize this rejuvenating energy source.

Boring blinds of old that simply block light are no longer a homeowner’s only option. Manufacturers now offer a number of blinds and window treatments that provide a realm of benefits. Consider purchasing insulating blinds to not only save money and energy but also to add a flare of style and trendy appeal to your home.

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