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Jim McKellar owned a pest control company for 18 years before moving to Murphy. Made 4 U Shades, Blinds & Shutters, offers window treatments at competitive prices.

In May of 2005, Jim McKellar uncovered an interesting fact about his new hometown. “I saw that Forbes listed Murphy as No 6 in the nation in second homes and that caught my attention,” he said. McKellar began exploring business opportunities soon after reading that and, in August 2005, opened Made 4 U Shades, Blinds & Shutters, a window treatment company.

“We provide custom window treatments at very competitive prices, including vertical blinds, high-quality wood and faux wood blinds, shutters, cellular “R” (highest) value shades and tropical woven,” he said. “All of Made 4 U Shades, Blinds & Shutters products come with a limited lifetime warranty.”

McKellar, originally from Parkland, FL., moved to Martins Creek in August 2004. “We’ve been coming here on vacations for the past several years and decided Murphy was the best place to live,” he said. “We got tired of all the hurricanes and crowds.”

McKellar’s wife Holly, is a teacher at Peachtree Elementary School and their children, Lacee and Kyle are enrolled at Martins Creek Elementary School. “The whole family loves it here, ” he said.

Made 4 U Shades, Blinds & Shutters covers a 50-mile radius around Murphy providing free estimates as well as free installation, and McKellar says the ordering process can be done quickly. “From ordering to installation, we can have the work done within 10 to 12 days,” he said.

McKellar has found that with the new models of homes being built his services are in demand. “A lot of the chalet-type homes with high ceiling have hard to reach high diagonal windows, and without the proper window treatment the furniture can experience quite a bit of sun damage.”
he said.

“Made 4 U Shades, Blinds & Shutters can install motorized blinds to alleviate that damage while at the same time reducing television glare.”

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