Advantages of Pleated Shades

Advantages of Pleated Shades 

Pleated shades are very popular among interior decorators because they bring a certain softness to a window, while also permitting abundant sunshine inside to brighten up the room. They are similar to honeycomb shades, but there are some significant differences between the two that you should be aware of before deciding which type is right for your interior.

Pleated window shade advantages

First of all, pleated window shades will typically be sold in a much wider variety of colors and styles than honeycomb or cellular shades. You will be able to establish a crisp, contemporary look for any window in your home where you install pleated shades. You will be able to obtain woven grassy fabrics as well as crinkle silks, with dozens of other fabric options available for pleated shades.

For every kind of privacy need and lighting control you might have, you’ll be able to purchase sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque options with any of the pleated shades you’re considering. You’ll also be able to choose from different types of lifting systems such as standard cord lock options, cordless lifting, or continuous cord loops. Pleated shades can also be constructed in a whole range of shapes, including arches, trapezoids, and other geometric shapes which you might need installed for some of the unique window designs you have.

A standard pleated shade will come with a 1-inch pleat size, but you can purchase them with larger pleat options such as the 2-inch pleat size. Most of these also feature a small stack when they are fully raised to the top of your window, and that can be ideal if you want a shade that’s there when need it, but out of sight when you don’t need it.

It will also cost you a lot less to have pleated shades installed, since honeycomb shades tend to be much more expensive. Pleated shades also are available with privacy options and supplemental liners that can either be operated together or separately. When you’re working with a tight budget, pleated shades are definitely the way to go, because you’ll certainly spend much less money when installing pleated shades on all your windows, as opposed to say honeycomb shades throughout the household.

There are other inexpensive window treatments of course, including aluminum blinds and wood blinds, but pleated shades provide a texture and softness to your windows in a way that those other types of shades simply cannot match. Not every home is ideally suited for the installation of pleated shades, but they do offer some significant advantages to the homeowner who is redecorating on a budget. The wide array of fabrics and shapes, the different lifting options, the affordability, and the available color and style schemes make them an appealing option for many homeowners.

Where to purchase pleated shades 

If you’ve decided that pleated shades are the right option for your interior decorating project, the best place to acquire high-quality attractive pleated shades is at Made4U Shades Blinds & Shutters. We have the widest selection of pleated shades in the area, and we stand behind the quality of all our shades. You can contact us at any time with questions about pleated shades, or to obtain a quote for your redecorating project.

We always have friendly representatives available to take your calls and answer all your questions professionally. Don’t look anywhere else for your pleated shades until you’ve had a chance to check out our extensive inventory of high-quality pleated shades. You’ll be very happy with your purchase, because you’ll get years of service from your shades, and you’ll love how they look around the windows of your household.

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