10 Window Treatments

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The primary purpose of window treatment is to enhance the design of the interior of a house. There are three categories of window treatments: blinds, shades and shutter. We would be discussing about each of them in this article.


Horizontal blinds

This is a hard window treatment. Horizontal blinds are mostly used for the office room in the house. This type of blinds are made of plastic. The most applicable feature of roller blinds is that they do not allow the morning light to come in. They are available in an array of colors and designs.

Vertical blind

This is a series of thin slats that hang vertically attached together in front of a window. Vertical blinds can be turned to overlap each other slightly to block the window. It is perfect for large windows. This window covering offer light control and privacy to any room in the home or office.

Panel Tracks

It involves the sliding of a fabric panel along a track. It is sometimes called sliding window panels.

Venetian blinds

This type of blind is a window covering made of thin horizontal metallic, wood or plastic slats. The slats overlap each other, hence, permit or block out light into the room when it is drawn by suspended strips of cloth attached to it known as a cord.


Roller Shades

Roller shades, also called roll up shades or roller blinds, are an easy and economical way to add color, style and texture to any decor. Constructed with modern fabrics and offer simple functionality for ease of use.

Roman shades

Roman shades are made of wood or fabric. It hangs vertically when closed and goes out of sight when pulled up folding into horizontal pleats up towards the top. It is drawn with a cord. This window covering are mainly used to block out the sun from a room. They stack up evenly when opened. They are not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades and blinds; they are smooth when opened.

Cellular shades

This is a window covering used to block or filter light, insulate the house. It has a honey comb design. This window covering can be used during cold periods to hold trapped air between the window surface and a room which confers warmth inside the room. They are ideal for privacy and not complicated to install.

Woven Wood Shades

It is also called bamboo shades or matchstick shades. It offers privacy and controls influx of light rays into the while it can still permit natural light into the room. Its natural look confer an enchantment to the room. It brings warmth of nature into the house.


Shaker Style Shutters

This type of shutter is an interior flat panel. It is simple. It is installed in a room to prevent light from coming into the room. It induces favorable weather condition into the room.

Raised panel shutter

This features a solid base with central raised panel. It is not louvered or has slats. It is very much like the panel of a decorative door.

You can now ascertain the type of window covering you want having gone through the types of window treatments above.