3 Popular Window Treatment Options for 2022 

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Many people have been obliged to spend more time at home and indoors as a result of the global pandemic that still grips the world. Even as the pandemic eases its hold on the world population, there are still many places where social distancing is in full effect. The impact that has had on window treatments can be boiled down to a desire by many homeowners to install treatments that are at once effective and visually appealing. That being the case, here are three of the most popular options for the coming year, and that means you can expect to see lots more of them installed.

Natural materials 

A great many homeowners these days have embraced sustainability as part of their lifestyle, and that has translated into greater usage of bamboo, linens, boucle, and reeds. All these are soaring in popularity because of their environmentally friendly aspect, and their visual appeal. They also add an element of comfort and texture to any home they’re installed in. Add some woven wood shades to any of these, and it can be a natural bonanza. The natural flaws in the materials add their own charm to the overall effect, and the naturally uneven shading also contributes a very striking appeal. 

Neo-baroque treatments 

The baroque style first popularized by the opulence-loving King Louis XIV is making a huge comeback, as it conveys an air of luxury and aristocracy to any room where it’s used. If you were to walk into any neo-baroque style room of the present day, you would probably find lots of draperies, chandeliers, and sconces. You’ll also see elaborate furnishings, and fabrics that reek of luxury, for instance silk, velvet, and brocade. If you’re considering a neo-baroque arrangement for at least one room in your house, you might want to cover your windows with heavy drapery panels, and install a bed canopy. There’s a lot to be said for the visual appeal and the effect that this kind of opulence can have on visitors and even household occupants. If you’re obliged to be indoors more than usual, you might really appreciate spending more time in a living room which is fully decked out in the lavish neo-baroque style.

Outdoor draperies

You might be surprised to see outdoor draperies making this list, but they have become increasingly popular as homeowners have a desire to upgrade their outdoor living space. Many homeowners who have had to spend more time at home are paying a lot more attention to their outdoor arrangements, especially backyards, porches, decks, and patios. That includes all the possible window treatments and other shading solutions which might be used to enhance outdoor living areas.

A big part of the appeal of outdoor draperies is that they help convert your decks, porches, and patios into an extension of interior living space. Draperies are especially useful because they can serve to lock out annoying bugs, they can block out sunlight when desirable, and they can also provide some measure of privacy, even though you’re sitting outside.

If you’re considering outdoor draperies, it’s probably best to choose a neutral fabric, because ordinary fabrics and sometimes even fade-resistant fabrics will have a tendency to lose color when exposed to harsh sunlight over a period of time. You can also counteract this potential by adding accessories trimmed with bright colors, for instance pillows, seat cushions, and even furnishings that are upholstered. When the weather is inclement, your draperies will need to be protected somehow, but when you have nice weather, they can combine the best of both worlds, with the great look of indoor draperies, and the durability of outdoor treatments.