Best Shades for Winter Months

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Each year when winter approaches, homeowners take steps to prepare for the coming cold weather. That might involve having a furnace tune-up, adding a layer of insulation around windows, and perhaps retrieving all the cold weather clothing and gear which household members will need to wear. There’s another step you can take which can ensure that your household remains warmer during the winter months, and that’s to have some excellent shades installed around your windows.

This is a great idea because windows are one of the most common sources of energy loss during cold weather, especially if there are any cracks or openings around the window frame. By installing shades around your windows, you can help prevent this loss of energy and loss of warmth, and keep all the warm air inside your home. Here are some of the best types of shades you can use to combat cold weather during wintertime, and to prevent the loss of warm air and energy.

Cellular honeycomb shades

These particular type of shades are universally acknowledged to be the very best window treatments on the market today, especially in terms of their insulation value. Because honeycomb cellular shades are constructed so as to have air pockets as part of their makeup, air will become trapped inside and provide a vital insulation layer for any windows where they happen to be installed.

Cellular honeycomb shades can increase the R-value of windows up to a factor of seven. If you’re not familiar with the insulating scale, R-value refers to a measurement of resistance which any material has to heat which flows through it. Most standard windows will have an R-value between 3 and 3.5, and that makes them much less effective at insulating the home. Given the fact that cellular honeycomb shades are much better at insulating, they will tend to keep your home warmer, especially if you have them installed on most of the windows throughout the home.

Roller shades

These shades are prized for their versatility, and if you purchase dual roller shades, you’ll have one side which is reflective and the other side which is designed for heat absorption. The great thing about this dual nature is that the two sides can be reversed to accommodate the seasons, so that during summer you can take advantage of the heat absorption side, and during winter you can make use of the reflective side.

During winter, the reflective side would be turned inwards, while the insulated side is turned outwards so as to absorb the heat of the sun. Having this insulated face receiving the rays of the sun will allow the warmth to be locked inside the home so that it can’t escape. Then during the warm weather months, you can take advantage of this versatility by reversing the two sides again, so that your home can stay cooler, as more of the sun’s heat gets reflected back outside.

Roman shades

These type of shades are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for both great insulation and tremendous aesthetic appeal. Roman shades are made of a thick material with sealed edges which are very effective at keeping out the cold. When you’re looking for a window treatment that provides extra protection from icy weather, these types of shades have a thermal backing which will produce a warm, cozy feeling in your household. They are also some of the most attractive looking shades on the market, so you can appreciate how great they look in your home at the same time that you’re enjoying the insulation benefit as well.