Blinds or Shades…That is the Question

Faux Wood Blinds
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You might think choosing blinds or shades as window treatments for your home depends on personal preference and style. There’s truth in that there are plenty of materials, finishes, and styles to indulge your most creative ideas, but there are also practical and functional choices to make when deciding whether blinds or shades will work best for you. And the experts at Made in the Shade are ready to help you make choices that fit your style and budget.

Window Blinds

Blinds may be your best choice for maximum ability to adjust the amount of sunlight you let in as the day progresses. The ability to adjust the tilt of the slats is very important if your use of the room changes during the day.

Wider horizontal slats often work best in smaller rooms because they help create the illusion of bigger windows, while vertical blinds may be better if your windows are wider than they are tall. Vertical blinds are also a great choice for sliding glass doors or picture windows with panoramic views.

There are pluses and minuses to consider with blinds. On the plus side, the full length of the window pane is always covered, even when slats are open, which creates a more finished look. Blinds work particularly well in bathrooms and bedrooms because you can leave them down for privacy but adjust them as needed for light. On the downside, blinds generally require more cleaning because they attract dust and grime.

Blinds come in various materials and prices, starting with wood slats on the higher end and faux wood and textured vinyl, aluminum, and vinyl on the lower end. We also offer insulating blinds that help keep your energy costs low by filtering or blocking light.

Window Shades

If style and versatility are the most important things to you, then shades may be the right choice. Window shades are popular because they help regulate the amount of light in a room and offer an array of decorative possibilities. You create different looks and moods depending on the weight of the fabric you choose, as well as the pattern and texture. There are many different types of window shades to choose from, including cellular, Roman, pleated, solar, motorized, balloon, roller, and more.

Shades have their own pluses and minuses. On the plus side, shades tend to lend a softer, warmer look to a room than blinds. And because there are so many style options, they can give a room an entirely new look, even if the shades are the only thing that changes. On the downside, it’s cleaning again. Fabric shades need regular vacuuming to keep them clean and may need professional cleaning on occasion, while vinyl shades may need to be hand-washed to be kept clean.

At Made 4 U Shades, we don’t think you have to be limited to blinds or shades. For those of you who have limited wall and floor space or don’t want to use curtains, window shutters may be the best option. Like blinds and shades, they’re great at protecting your privacy and keeping the sun out, and they can easily be folded to the side when you want to let more light in. We have shutter options for almost any type of window.

Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your options. We’re happy to meet with you face-to-face and give you a free estimate.

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