Solar Shades May Be An Option For You

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The sun can be enjoyable and needed for an excellent source of Vitamin D; however, there are times when the sun interferes due to the brightness. Special Window Treatments will all you to protect your home, while still enjoying the beauty of the any season. Whether it’s a sunroom, bedroom or home office, solar shades have many advantages that other window treatments might not offer. Let us introduce you to Solar Shades.

What are Solar Shades?

  1. Solar shades protect the inside of a room by controlling sunlight – Typically, solar shades are placed on the outside of your windows, which means sunlight is reflected away as opposed to penetrating through the window. Solar shades also absorb heat from the outside.
  2. Solar shades protect you from harmful rays – Unlike conventional window treatments, solar shades offer protection from ultraviolet rays. Made in the Shades uses special, eco-friendly materials that block out sunlight and ultraviolet rays and are flame-retardant. By blocking the sun’s rays, you not only keep furniture from fading, but you provide health benefits, such as protecting your skin and eyes from sun exposure if you stay in a room for long periods of time.
  3. Solar shades let you enjoy the view and conserve energy – Curtains and blinds often block the beautiful view outside and can fade fairly quickly due to sun exposure. Solar shades allow you to enjoy the view and the benefits of sunlight while controlling the potentially harmful effects. The use of solar shades also helps lower indoor temperatures during hot summer days, which reduces the need for air conditioning.
  4. Solar shades increase the comfort of your room – Direct sunlight often hits other surfaces and reflects back, causing you to shield your eyes and making it difficult to work, read or watch TV. Solar shades take that worry away, allowing you to enjoy the view of whether it’s outdoors or indoors.
  5. We offer options for any kind of room – Made in the Shade offers styles of solar shades that are elegant and sophisticated; or made from recyclable and biodegradable materials; or styles that can generate long-term cost savings for your home.
  6. All this and more! – In addition to these benefits, there are still more reasons to consider solar shades, including increased privacy. Depending on the type and color you choose, solar shades can allow you to see out while minimizing the amount that other people can see in.

Every home is different. Whether it’s the size and shape of your windows and doors or the way sunlight streams in at certain hours of the day, homes in the NC mountains face unique issues that may make solar shades just the right choice. To find out more, please give Jim a call at 828-835-4957 locally or 1-888-206-071 or explore our website to find out what options work best for you.