What are Cordless Roman Shades? 

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First of all, it should be mentioned what Roman shades are not – they are not blinds, which are a ‘hard’ window treatment featuring slats or louvers. Roman shades are a ‘soft’ window treatment because they contain no hard slats but instead are generally comprised of a continuous flowing fabric of some type. Both blinds and shades are used for privacy and to manage the light which comes in the window, but shades are generally more stylish and give a softer, warmer feel to any room they’re installed in. Shades also will generally require less maintenance than blinds, although blinds have other features that make them desirable as a window covering.

The appeal and benefits of cordless Roman shades

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of Roman shades, they offer a number of other practical benefits which make them a good choice for installation in your home. For instance, if you have children or pets in the household, the cordless operation of the shades makes them much safer, because there are no dangling cords that can be latched on to by your youngsters or pets. They are also easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain, requiring far less work than some other window coverings.

Roman shades come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you won’t have any trouble coordinating your shades with the general color scheme of any room where you’d like to install them. The diversity of fabrics which they’re made of can include any number of elegant, fine fabrics, or they can be made from natural woven materials. Some of these woven materials can be used to produce solar shades, which limit the level of ultraviolet light which enters through your window. Solar shades tend to be transparent rather than opaque, and various levels of transparency are available, which correlate to the level of ultraviolet rays allowed in.

You can also purchase Roman shades in a flat style or in the classic hobbled style, which is sometimes referred to as the teardrop style. The hobbled style of Roman shades is made with horizontal pleats or hobbles, which run across the front, and which give it an elegant, classical style that adds a touch of class wherever they may happen to be installed. Whereas flat Roman shades are made of a continuous piece of fabric, the hobbled style consists of a series of cascading folds, which gently ripple downward in your window frame. Like the flat style Roman shade, the hobbled shade folds up seamlessly in an accordion-style kind of arrangement.

In most cases, it’s possible to purchase cordless Roman shades that are motorized. These may be slightly more expensive than traditional shades, but they’re certainly worth it in terms of the ease of operation they provide. At a mere touch, you can control how much or how little privacy and light are provided to the room, as the shade is extended or retracted. There couldn’t be any easier way of managing your Roman shades to achieve the exact level of privacy and the desired amount of light in the room.

Where to find cordless Roman shades

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