Window Treatment Trends for 2021

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After spending a long winter indoors, and being confined for most of 2020, there is no question that the idea of opening up your curtains and letting in the fresh sunlight of spring has a powerful appeal. Springtime always brings new hope and fresh ideas, and that means now is the time to start thinking about some new window treatments for your household. Below you will find some of the hottest new trends in window treatments, and you may want to consider one or more of these for application around your own home.

Make best use of what you have

Because most people were obliged to tighten up their belts during the prior year, it has become trendy to reuse, recycle, and reduce expenses while undertaking any kind of redecorating or upgrading of window treatments. Do-it-yourself projects are in vogue, with many homeowners are opting to update existing decor, as opposed to completely replacing it. One trend in window treatments which gained popularity toward the end of the year is a do-it-yourself dip dye project on your curtains. This allows you to choose exactly the color you want for your curtains, even permitting dual tones or an exciting tri-tone look.

Upgrading your workspace

Last year, a great many people in this country were obliged to work from home, and some are still doing so. That being the case, upgrading your workspace makes perfect sense, and provides you with a fresh new outlook from which to conduct your daily activities. You may want to install full-length curtains to achieve this new look, or your preference may run more toward Café curtains or apron-length curtains which are more suitable in your specific work area.

Continuing popularity of shades and blinds

Privacy is something which is always valued by homeowners, and that means that blinds and shades will pretty much continue to retain their appeal. You may want to try layering curtains over your shades and blinds in the coming year, and you’ll have tons of blinds and shades to choose from. Depending on your existing decor and your personal preferences, you may want to invest in Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades, or perhaps even horizontal blinds to enhance your interior living space.

Free use of color

During the coming year, it is anticipated that color choices will focus on several different colors which began gathering appeal in the latter part of 2020. If you’re thinking about painting the area around your sills, you might want to select from one of these up-and-coming popular choices. Among Sherwin-Williams paints, two of the hottest colors are called Passionate and Urbane Bronze. Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal has also become really popular, and Glidden’s Aqua Fiesta is also gaining momentum. Rust-Oleum’s Satin Paprika is a solid choice, and you might also consider Pantone’s Illuminating or Ultimate Gray.

Going retro

In the coming year, many homeowners will opt for including various nostalgic elements in their home decor, and in their use of window treatments. This is a great way of bringing back old values and appeals, while also updating your interior decor. One suggestion you might want to consider is the use of floral and botanical prints to liven up the living space in a particular room.

These natural touches can help provide comfort and a calming sensation to your mindset each day. You can also install curtain holdbacks to ensure that fresh and illuminating sunlight can come streaming through your windows. Curtains can be installed with soothing neutral colors or soft greens, so as to produce an organic type of atmosphere which inspires positive vibes for the coming year. You might also consider installing some retro old-fashioned roller shades, Classic fabric light-filtering blinds, or Classic Roman shades.