Top 6 Reasons for Window Treatments

It’s the season for home improvement projects and Made in the Shade has several good reasons for adding quality blinds and shades to your project list:

  1. Quality window treatments are an all-weather protective barrier for your home. In warm weather, they block heat even in sunny areas. When the weather is cool they keep out the cold air. Inefficient windows can add 10-25% to heating bills and as much as 75% to summer air conditioning bills.
  2. Window treatments protect your floors, furniture and walls from sun damage. Have you ever painted a wall, and then noticed a few months later that it already looked faded? Bright sun can do a lot of damage. Here in the Murphy area, many chalet-type homes have high ceilings and windows that create special challenges for preventing sun damage. We have window treatments options that will help prevent sun damage and glare for all types of windows.
  3. They add value to your home. When quality window treatments are in a home that’s on the market, the sale price tends to be higher. Studies by Realtors show that buyers like homes that give them more control over their environment, so investing in our window treatments means you’ll be in a good position to have those blind sand shades included in an appraisal when you go to re-sale.
  4. They’re affordable and hassle-free. We only sell high quality blinds and shades at competitive prices, plus we provide free estimates and installation. From ordering to installation, you’ll have beautiful window treatments in 10-12 days.
  5. We love serving the Murphy community. At Made in the Shade, we’re proud to be a local business that only serves customers within a 50-mile radius of Murphy.
  6. Our blinds and shades are gorgeous! Whatever look you have in mind for your home, we’ll have styles that are right for you – blinds for cabins, wood and faux-wood blinds, Venetian, shutter or blackout blinds; natural woven or fabric shades, honeycomb or solar shades and many more. If you’re not sure, we’ll gladly bring samples to your home or office.

Want to learn more? Please explore our website or watch our videos, then give Jim a call at 828-835-4957 locally or 1-888-206-0711.

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